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2024 will be one of the biggest electoral years in democratic history. With elections in the UK, EU and US, around half of the global population will be voting this year.

Our Election '24 hub will be publishing regular insights into the key contests from our first class team of political consultants.
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UK General Election Results
The UK General Election 2024 marks a monumental shift in the UK's political landscape. The Labour Party have achieved an overwhelming majority in Parliament, winning a total of 411 seats, whilst the Conservative Party have suffered a historic defeat losing a total of 250 seats. This momentous election indicates a diversification of the political landscape, with more voters turning to smaller parties and independents than ever before, with Reform UK and the Greens making significant gains.
General Elections 2024: 5 Key seats to watch
There is now less than a week to go until the 2024 General Election which is widely expected to usher in a change of Government for the first time in 14 years.
Author | Claudia Mulholland
Subject | UK Politics
Date | June 2024
Sir John Curtice on UK General Election polls
Sir John began with a presentation on what the polls are currently reporting, focusing on Labour’s consistent lead over the Conservatives, and the increase in figures seen by Reform UK since 2019.
Author | Hannah Sneath, Simon Fitzpatrick
Subject | UK Politics
Date | June 2024
The impact of the European Elections on upcoming legislation
As the European Union is preparing for a new legislative term, much talk has been made about upcoming initiatives expected from the new Commission. One such initiative is the Digital Fairness Act, the next legislature’s expected digital flagship legislation seeking to harmonise EU consumer law directives and updating them to address newly emerging challenges in the digital world.  
Author | Max Frey, Horatiu Mudure
Subject | EU Politics
Date | May 2024
The next Commission’s financial services priorities 2024-2029
This visual shows the timelines for EU citizens in each Member State and the shifting landscape of the European Parliament seat distribution post-election.
Author | Alexandros Nikolaidis, Helena Walsh
Subject | EU Politics
Date | April 2024
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WEBINAR: Geopolitics update with Sir David Lidington
Date | 17 July

Time | 12.00-1:00pm

Location | Online (Zoom)
In conversation with Nicole Mannion, EU Deputy Ambassador to the UK
Date | 24 July

Time | TBC

Venue | Havas Village London, 3 Pancras Square, N1C 4AG
Iain Anderson
Founding Partner
Iain has over 30 years' experience as a political adviser, business journalist and CEO. He has worked for a range of politicians and recently led a review of government-business relations for the Labour Party.
Mark Twigg
Founding Partner

Mark is a Founding Partner and current CEO of H/Advisors Cicero. He has over 25 years’ experience in campaigns and was a Special Adviser during the last Labour government.
John Rowland
Senior Partner

John heads up the UK Public Affairs team at Cicero, bringing almost 20 years’ experience advising clients in London and Washington DC on strategic communications. He was named 2023 Public Affairs Professional of the Year by PR Week.
Helena Walsh
Senior Partner

Helena leads H/Advisors Cicero's European team. She has twenty years’ experience working on Government and EU policy issues and was formerly a Political Functionnaire on the European Parliament Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee.
Elizabeth Tomlin

Elizabeth is a Partner and UK Public Affairs team lead, advising a wide range of clients on public affairs. She began her career in Parliament working for two Lib Dem MPs.
Alexandros Nikolaidis
Associate Partner

Alex is an Associate Partner within the EU Public Affairs team of H/Advisors Cicero. He advises clients on European political and regulatory risks, and has developed and implemented European and Member State legislative engagement campaigns.
Simon Fitzpatrick

Simon is a Partner at H/Advisors Cicero. He advises a wide range of financial services clients, specialising in pensions policy, Scottish politics and electoral politics. He previously worked for a senior Scottish Labour MP.
Alen Hristov
Associate Partner

Alen is an Associate Partner in our Brussels office and leads the EU Tech team. His previous experience includes positions in foreign policy and national politics as well as thinktank and research roles.
Rhoda MacDonald
Senior Counsel

Rhoda is Senior Counsel at Cicero, drawing on her wide experience as a media and public affairs adviser, award-winning journalist and former Special Adviser to the Secretary of State for Scotland.
Sonia Khan

Sonia provides strategic political counsel across our UK client base. She previously worked on campaigns at Number 10 and as a Special Adviser to two Conservative Chancellors.
Harriet Hill
Senior Counsel

Harriet joined the Cicero UK Public Affairs team in 2023 having completed an 18 month secondment to the Economic Secretary's private office at the Treasury. She worked through three changes in administration.
Jason Ochere
Associate Partner

Jason is an Associate Partner at H/Advisors Maitland with a focus on healthcare, telecoms, media and technology. He is an elected Labour Councillor in the London Borough of Southwark.
Claudia Mulholland

Claudia joined the UK Public Affairs team at H/Advisors Cicero in July 2021 and has advised clients across the financial and professional services, health and technology sectors on key policy issues and government relations. She has a particular interest in the electoral fortunes of the smaller parties, including the Liberal Democrats. 
Max Frey

Max joined H/Advisors Cicero as a Consultant in October 2022. He has 5 years of experience working in EU policymaking in Brussels, including work in the European Parliament and the European Commission.
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